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Kellies back in Europe this summer

publicado el 7 de febrero de 2012

2011 has been a good year for Las Kellies: hailing from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and championed by influential music writer Everett True, they have signed a recording deal with Fire Records (UK), and toured all over Europe.

In March 2012, they’re gonna release on Fire Records a split 7" with New York punk-funk pioneers ESG: both sides will feature the song “Erase You”, one side with the original song by ESG, and the other side with a cover by Las Kellies, different from the one on their album.

Kellies have created and developed an irresistible blend of raw, danceable, spicy rock that owes as much to old rock’n’roll and garage as it does to The Raincoats, The Slits or The B-52’s, which turned out to be a veritable birthday party of a record. Their wild primitive rock comprises catchy garage sounds with cumbia, dub and post-punk.

Primeros Pasitos and Julie Tippex are currently working on bringing them back to UK and Europe in June and July 2012, after a Mexico and Chile tour in April 2012.

En efecto, esta noticia va en inglés, a pesar de ser ellas argentinas: ¡a partir de ahora, nos encargamos de la contratación de Las Kellies para toda Europa1

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