Primeros Pasitos

Primeros Pasitos
PO BOX 397
07080 Palma de Mallorca
Illes Balears, SPAIN

alba lua

alba lua


"they sound something like Syd Barrett soundtracking a spaghetti western, i.e. eccentric, reverb-heavy, dreamy pop music" VICE MAGAZINE

"guitar twangs are as weatherbeaten and downcast as those of Weird Dreams, Girls Names, or Real Estate, though there’s a neat trick in the chord progression that turns what appears to be a jolly refrain into something more bittersweet" PITCHFORK

"they have shown a serious early grasp of a very American sort of soft, distant, pensive guitar twinkle. Their new single “When I’m Roaming Free” positively radiates warmth" STEREOGUM

"the French-bred act chose a Spanish name for their dreamy guitar music, but debut single captures that most American of indie-pop styles: golden slacker jangle" NEW.MYSPACE.COM

"Alba Lua réussit à sortir un son pop au refrain ravageur, mémorisé à vie au bout de 4 secondes. Le secret paraît-il pour faire un tube" GRRIF (Switzerland)

Listen to "When I’m Roaming Free" on Soundcloud.


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